How do i get more energy?

How do I get more energy?Trouble concentrating at work?

Need mental clarity and focus?

Want to recover quicker from exercise?

Feel tired and lack energy?


You neeed Quickspark, with Coenzyme 1 !



The Science – Coenzyme 1

  • The primary coenzyme
  • Fuels over 1000 metabolic processes in our body
  • It is quite literally cellular fuel
  • First discovered in 1903
  • Studied in depth by Dr Walter Birkmayer
  • Critical in the production of ATP energy
  • ATP energy powers our cells and our entire body

Usage of QuickSpark:

Professionals and people with demanding career

  • Increase in cognitive performance
  • Greater concentration levels
  • Increased ability to cope with demanding situations

Students, shift workers and truck drivers

  • Maximise energy leevls
  • Improves visual percepton
  • Stronger congnitive perforamnce over a longer period


  • Increase in muscular ATP
  • Increased levels of oxygenated blood
  • Lower lactate blood leevls and improved recovery times

The over 60s

  • Overall increase in ATP energy levels
  • Improvement of cognitive functio
  • Greater concenetration levels

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